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Welcome to the web home of Elizabeth Jordan, HHP.  I am an Holistic Health Practitioner who utilizes a complete mind, body, spirit approach to holistic health through the use of hypnosis, coaching, somatic and plant therapies. Holistic Health Practitioners are not doctors, although some are doctors of acupuncture or chiropractic. We are licensed, certified and specialize in a variety of alternative and holistic modalities that support the care you receive from your doctor.

 My practice is specifically dedicated to women 40 and wiser who are looking to bring balance to every aspect of their lives and pursue Stress- free Success, which is living in the zone where life flows effortlessly.

Through the use of hypnosis, guided meditation, energy techniques, Strategic Intervention Coaching and the Success Principles, I help women set and achieve their life-long goals, overcome limiting beliefs and learn to manage and minimize the effects of stress. Over the years I have learned that the power of healing really starts in the mind and it's very difficult for a treatment to be successful without a mindset shift or exploring the root emotional cause of illness.

I help my clients address physical pain through somatic therapies such as Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, and Auricular Therapy.

As a Certified Medicinal and Clinical Aromatherapist, I teach women about the power of plants and how to simply and safely use essential oils and flower essences as holistic modalities that complement their current healing protocols.


I would greatly recommend Liz Jordan’s services to anyone who lives with a chronic pain condition, not only for therapeutic massage, but also to work with someone who takes a well-rounded, all-points approach to working with and healing the whole body as well as the individual themselves. Her services and knowledge would also be of immense benefit to someone who is interested in taking a natural and more healthful approach to living, to people who are interested in learning about essential oils and their uses, and especially to women who are looking for an honest and caring person with excellent life coaching skills.

Sharon H, client