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Stress-free Success 

Spirit, body and mind tips for a Stress-free Life

Before You Start On Your New Year's Resolution

January, 5, 2020

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? Most people do. Maybe it's the typical lose weight, stop smoking, or make more money variety resolution and they're all good. In fact, they're all great! But you know what can derail your efforts? It's not what you think it is. It's not an un-supportive spouse or a rough work schedule. The thing that can really derail your efforts is the clutter in your house that's cluttering your mind.

You see, we only have so many attention units. Science clearly shows you can only think of one thing at a time. Yes, even you multi-taskers  who think you are doing more than one thing at a time, are actually only thinking of one thing at a time even if it's only a millisecond. However, we often have a lot of things "on our mind".  They come in and out so quickly that it feels as if we truly are thinking of many things at once.

This is true on a conscious level. The subconscious is a whole 'notha thing.  It's working on tens of thousands functions at once. And fortunately you're not aware of them because it would be overwhelming.

When your living space is cluttered, dirty, messy and unorganized, the demand for your attention is pulled in many directions. Whatever your eyes see is communicating information to your brain that needs to be processed. This ends up being a distraction from whatever your goal or resolution is.

In planning anything in life it is nice to start with a clean slate which allows you to focus on what is in front of you. So, before you embark on conquering your resolution,  you need to look at where you have clutter, messes and incompletes. If you don’t do this two things can get in the way of having stress-free success:

1. When you don't handle your clutter, irritations, tolerances, messes and incompletes, you are constantly paying attention to them, which distracts you from what you want to create. Things like a messy garage, an incomplete relationship, something that needs painting, organizing or repair, all of these things take your attention away from what you want to focus on, like your New year's Resolution or goals.

2. You may be subconsciously creating a self-defeating emotion. When you can’t find something you need or you have to tolerate something that is not working, you may feel that if you can’t handle this little thing, how are you going to accomplish your bigger goals?

When you don’t complete the past and clean up your environment, you can’t be free to fully embrace the present, let alone the future. It is important that we clean up our clutter messes, incompletes, tolerations and irritations to be productive, stress-free and have a healthy self-esteem. Yes, this even affects your self-esteem!

This year I'll be tackling life as a series of 30 day challenges. Have you ever heard of this concept? You "try something out for 30 days to see if it's a habit or lifestyle  change that you enjoy and has great benefit. Each month the focus will be on creating a habit that creates a big, positive shift in life. If you could change or create 12 habits this year that add enjoyment, balance and peace to your life, wouldn't that be worth it? Of course it would!

So January is all about clearing the clutter, messes and incompletes. Join me! There's nothing to lose but clutter and everything to gain. Follow my page on FB @elizabethjordanhhp for more tips and inspiration. Just click on the FB icon below.