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Maybe It's Time To Try A New Approach To Weight Loss


It's Monday morning and your motivation is high. You're ready to start your new diet. This is the one, the answer to your weight loss frustrations. You follow the guidelines and are feeling great. By the end of the day you're sure this is it, the last diet you ever need to go on.  Then somewhere around day 5 or 3 or lunch on day one, you cave. It's the same old story.

Diets alone don't work because you go on and off them. They have goal dates and are used to prepare for special events.... that beach vacation, wedding, or reunion. There's the beginning, the suffering and then the end when you either reach the date/event  or fall off the diet. Then you gain it all back plus some.

 And in the long run, most of them are unsustainable. They don't allow for life and social events that come up almost weekly.

Diets can harm your health and wreak havoc on your self esteem. You were either good or bad depending on what you ate! Or worse, how much you lost! You are either successful or a failure based on numbers on the scale and measuring tape or if you followed and rules perfectly.

Did you know that less that 5% of people who go on a diet are successful? Yup, all those inspiring before and after pictures only constitute about 5% of the population. Not great odds.

And I know you've done them all...Weight Watcher's,  Nutri System, Atkins, Paleo, Keto,  and the newest trend out there, Intermittent Fasting....the list can go on. I know because I've done them all too. I was even a center manager for NS when I was in my 20's. I know the secrets, I'm an insider so to speak.   So I'm going to share those secrets. There are some diet basics that all of these weight loss programs share.......

1. Less quantity - No matter which one you pick,  the goal is to have you eating less food. And that's not a bad thing, there is a certain amount of validity to calories in calories out. But that's not the complete picture.

2. Focus on real food -  Unless you're doing a box or shake program like NS or Isagenix, every diet on the market today has you focus on real, whole foods. The focus is less junk food and a balance of more nutrient dense, whole foods. Even high fat diets like keto focus on whole foods.

3. More vegetables - Each of these diets,  recommends an increase in vegetables. Weight Watchers has free foods which are mostly veggies and the focus of Paleo,  Atkins or Plant Based eating is filling up on veggies. Even Beach Body's most popular nutrition program proclaims the tag line "Veggies most".

I know, this sounds too simple. But I've either done them or researched them all. Diets aren't necessarily bad in themselves. Cleaning up how we eat is important for good health. But most diets are more about slapping a name on them for marketing than they are about coming up with a new and healthier way to eat.

Food certainly is our medicine and we should make it a part of any healing process. There are times when it is appropriate and necessary to follow a structured eating program. It can be the tool you use to lower your blood pressure, blood sugar or manage more serious conditions.

But what all of these diets also have in common is that they focus on the problem and only on the physical answer while neglecting the emotional piece. This is where they fail the consumer. Because you know what else they all have in common? They all make you  think about food all day! What to eat or not to eat and when. If you have a weight problem the worst thing you can do is focus on your problem all day long. Do you know what you get when you focus on your problem? 

Yup, more of your problem!


So if diets don't work, why would hypnosis work? Isn't it just a fad or putting a band-aid on a problem? NOT AT ALL! I know this is a leap of faith if you've never done this, but what works to finally overcome your issue with weight is focusing not as much on what you're eating, but why and how. 

I know you've heard this before and probably don't believe it, but after years in the diet industry I know this to be true. You can manipulate the outside factors all you want and often with short lived success in the way you look and feel. But unless you flip the switch in your brain, you'll always revert back to what it (your brain) knows best and is most comfortable with. Even feeling better is often not motivating enough for most people to continue eating healthy and stay on a diet.

No matter what diet or eating plan you pick, hypnosis can be your secret weapon to finally being successful. Whether you choose to go low carb, keto or vegan, hypnosis can help your brain turn on the switch that motivates you on a subconscious level to make this the last diet you'll ever need.

Hypnosis will help your brain shift from negative, punishing thoughts about weight loss to ones that keep your motivation high and steady. The difference between someone who loses weight and keeps it off with someone who regains or quits altogether is the mindset shift that occurs.

Let's do a little exercise. Just play along. Think about your current mindset about your weight and food. How do you feel? Does it cause a knot in your stomach? Do you feel a boulder on your shoulders? It's another thing you have to "take care of"? This weight issue, it looms over you.

Now, just for this exercise, imagine you no longer ever have another food rule to live by. You don't have to worry about what's for dinner or lunch. You don't have to indulge in that last feast of ice cream, cookies or candy and say goodbye to your favorite foods forever. There are no more Monday mornings you are waiting for to start your diet. You don't have to count calories or carbs or points. You love the way you eat and you easily maintain your natural, slender self easily. You will have control over food, what and how much you eat.

How do you feel now?

 Does it feel like that boulder just lifted off your shoulders?

Like there's one less thing in your life you have to manage or do? 

When your thinking changes, making positive healthy food choices becomes easy and not burdensome. You aren't drawn to food that is unhealthy. You actually want broccoli!

It's really that easy!


I'm not going to hypnotize you to hate chocolate.......unless you want me to!

Hypnosis pairs perfectly with any dietary approach. You can use hypnosis whether you want to do low carb, keto, vegan, etc.

Hypnosis works on the mind and body at the same time. 

Hypnosis will help you reduce cravings, desire healthy foods and follow all the guidelines of whatever program you choose. You won't have to rely on will power to walk away from cake the at the office party, you'll just do it.

Most importantly, beyond the physical food piece of weight loss, hypnosis will strengthen  your self-esteem and give you powerful tools to help you focus on what you want  which is weight loss, a healthy body and freedom from food addiction and stop focusing on the struggle, rules and deprivation. You'll be able to re-frame your internal thinking from "I'm being bad, I didn't lose today, I already blew it today" to "why do I want to eat?, am I really hungry?" 


How does stress-free weight loss work? It's really quite simple. Of course that doesn't mean there's no work. You still have to do your part.  But the weight loss process will be stress-free because you'll easily, effortlessly and enjoyably make the right choices to get you to your weight loss and health goals. 

Before we start working together, you or you and your doctor decide on a healthy eating plan. Whether you follow any current diet trends or something they recommend, you'll need to decide what you'll be doing and be prepared with that information and be prepared to start when you come in.

Your weight loss program gives you either 6, 12 or 18 visits which you can use in any time increments you like. The best way is to have your second session 1 week after your first. You can then continue on for weekly sessions or spread them out to every two weeks or every month. This will really depend on you, how much support you need and how many blocks you need to overcome. Weight loss can be stubborn. There can be so many issues to have to overcome. But I believe and work with a complete spirit, mind and body program so your issues are addressed on every level to help you have quick, lasting results.


Highly personalized hypnosis sessions - Each and every time we meet, I will personalize and adjust your hypnosis session to meet your needs. You may have had a really rough week and need extra focus on your physical being in which case reflexology, ear seeds or even a half hour massage might be needed. Or maybe you need to talk and problem solve another so we'll do more coaching that week. It's all very personalized and addresses the needs you have at that session.

1 Bottle Doterra Slim& Sassy Blend - This blend is incredible! It actually helps curb your appetite and I'll even give you instructions on how to use it in a body wrap. I told spirit, mind and body.

1 Bottle Embrace the Body Flower Essence Blend - This wonderful and gentle product helps you on an energetic level which will support the hypnosis work we do together. Embrace the Body allows you to better accept and love your body and the changes occurring.

Personal Empowerment Statement  - More than an Affirmation, your Personal Power Statement reflects you that's deep inside and gives you the courage and determination to carry on when things get tough.

Earseed kit for weight loss - I will do the initial application but the kit has enough for use at home in between visits.

Please ask me about reduced pricing on groups of 3 or more people.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

personalized 6 week program


Value $1100

2 hour intro session

1 hour follow up sessions

Swarovski Earseeds for weight loss

or stress relief

Doterra Slim & Sassy

Embrace the Body Flower Essence

6 week
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personalized 12 week program


Value $1800

2 hour intro session

1 hour follow up sessions

Swarovski Earseeds for weight loss

or stress relief

Doterra Slim & Sassy Blend

Embrace the Body Flower Essence Blend

12 week
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personalized 18 week program


Value $2400

2 hour intro session

1 hour follow up sessions

Swarovski Earseeds for weight loss 

or stress relief

Doterra Slim & Sassy Blend

Embrace the Body Flower Essence Blend

18 week
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